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Article / Vedic Astrology / Four Planets in Conjunction

Thursday, 04/Mar/2010, No of Visitors: 7030

Four Planets in Conjunction

1. SUN-MOON-MARS-MERCURY YOGA. Should these four planets be together at birth. the native will be a writer, a thief and be scurrilous in speech. He will be sickly, cunning and be capable of deceiving others.

2. MOON-MARS-JUPITER-SUN YOGA. one, who has these four planets in one House at birth, will be wealthy, dear to women, splendourous, will maintain decorum, be free from grief and expert in work.

3. MOON-MARS-VENUS-SUN YOGA. If these four planets join at birth, one will speak and conduct himself, as a great person, be happy, expert, intent on gathering money and will have learning, sons and wife.

4. SUN-MOON-MARS-SATURN YOGA. One, who has these four planets together at birth, will have uneven physique, be short in stature, be unwealthy and will collect food by begging and be a proven dunce.

5. MOON-MERCURY-JUPITER-SUN YOGA. If these four planets are in one House, the native will be a goldsmith (or a gold dealer etc.), be long eyed, be a sculptor, be very wealthy, bold and beautiful bodied.

6. SUN-MOON-MERCURY-VENUS YOGA. The native, who has these four planets together at birth, will be deformed, lucky, short-statured and dear to king.

7. SUN-MOON-MERCURY-SATURN YOGA. If these four planets are together at birth, the native will lose his parents in childhood, be devoid of money and happiness, be wandering, will earn food by begging and will be a liar.

8. VENUS-JUPITER-MOON YOGA. Should these planets be in one House at birth, the subject concerned will be head of water, animals and forests (i.e. his livelihood may be through such sources), will be happy, honoured by the king and be an expert.

9. SUN-JUPITER-MOON-SATURN YOGA. If the said planets join at birth, the native will be dark-eyed, fierce, will have many sons, be wealthy and fortunate through women.

10. SUN-MOON-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. Should one have a combination of these planets in one House at birth, the native will have habits, like a female, be very weak, desirous of coming up and timid at all times.

11. SUN-JUPITER-MARS-MERCURY YOGA. These four planets together at birth indicate, that the subject will be brave, be a composer of Shastras, or a ruler of province, will lose his wife and money, be undesirable and will wander.

12. SUN-VENUS-MARS-MERCURY YOGA. If these four planets be together at birth, the native will be addicted to other women, be a thief, will have uneven limbs, will be a bad person and will be bereft of energy.

13. MERCURY-SUN-MARS-SATURN YOGA. If these four planets are together at birth, the subject will be a warrior, scholar, be fierce, will be meanly disposed, be chief among poets and be a minister, or a king.

14. SUN-MARS-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. with the conjunction of these four planets, one will be fortunate, worth worship by the people, be wealthy, dear to king and famous.

15. SUN-MARS-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. Should these join at birth, one will be rash, prime among his group, will have cherished desires, will be endowed with relatives and friends and dear to king.

16. SUN-MARS-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. One, who has these four planets together at birth, will be deformed, mean in conduct, oblique-sighted, will hate his relatives and will always be insulted.

17. SUN-MERCURY-VENUS YOGA. With these planets in one House, one will be wealthy, happy, chief, will have cherished desires, will have relatives and be noble.

18. SATURN-SUN-MERCURY-JUPITER YOGA. One, who has these four planets together at birth, will have a neuter's habits, be prestigious, fond of quarrels, will have brothers, or sisters and be not enthusiastic.

19. SUN-MERCURY-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. Should these four planets be in conjunction at birth, one will be scurrilous in speech, fortunate, learned, soft spoken, happy, energetic, pure, wealthy, bold and helpful to friends.

20. SUN-SATURN-VENUS-JUPITER YOGA. These four planets in conjunction at birth will make the person a miser, a poet, chief, leader of sculptors and mean.

21. MOON-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER YOGA. One, who has the conjunction of these four planets at birth, will be an expert in Shastras, be a king, or a great minister and be extremely intelligent.

22. MOON-MARS-MERCURY-VENUS YOGA. If these four planets are together at birth, one will be fond of quarrels, will sleep much, be mean, will marry an unchaste lady, be fortunate, will hate his relatives and be not happy.

23. MOON-MERCURY-MARS-SATURN YOGA. One, who has these four planets together will be bold, be without parents, is from an ignoble race, will have many wives, friends and sons and will have good conduct.

24. MOON-MARS-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. If these four planets are together at birth, one will be deformed, will have a good wife, be highly tolerant, be self-respected, learned will have many friends and be happy.

25. MARS-MOON-SATURN-JUPITER YOGA. One, who has these four planets conjunct at birth will be deaf, wealthy, bold, rash in speech, firm in nature, wise and liberal.

26. MARS-MOON-SATURN-VENUS YOGA. If these four planets are together, one will marry an unchaste lady, will be proud, will have eyes resembling that of a snake and will be always emotional. This is certain.

27. MERCURY-JUPITER-MOON-VENUS YOGA. One, who has these four planets together will be learned, be devoid of parents, good looking, wealthy, very lucky and be without enemies.

28. MOON-MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. Should these be conjunct one will be virtuous, famous, noble and splendourous, fond of relatives, wise, be a kings minister and be a chief poet.

29. MOON-MERCURY-SATURN-VENUS YOGA. If these planets are together at birth, the native will be intent on seeking sexual pleasures with others' wives, will have an unchaste wife, be devoid of relatives, learned and will hate people.

30. MOON-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. The native with these four planets conjunct will be devoid of mother, be lucky, will suffer from skin diseases, will be subjected to grief, be intent on roaming, will know many languages and will be truthful.

31. MERCURY-MARS-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. If these four planets are in one House, the subject will be fond of picking up quarrels with his wife, will be wealthy, worshipped by the people, will possess good qualities and be free from sickness.

32. MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. One, who has these four planets in one House at birth, will be brave, learned, be a good speaker, be without wealth, truthful and will have good habits. He will be able to argue and endure. He will be intelligent.

33. MERCURY-MARS-SATURN-VENUS YOGA. If these four planets are together at birth, the native will be an expert boxer, will depend on others, will have coarse body, will possess pride of war, be famous and will breed dogs.

34. MARS-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If these four planets are together at birth, the native will be splendourous, wealthy, addicted to other women, fond of bravery, fickle-minded and ill-disposed.

35. MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. Should these be together at birth, the native will be intelligent, interested in Shastras, be a debaucher and an obedient servant.

--Kalyana Varma's Saravali

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